Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Noise Junkie Productions show

So I'm just about to download some vid of the last show. I'm not expecting anything great, in fact, I think I'll probably be using them to see how to improve my performance, etc. I feel really good with how my music is going compositionally, but I need to get slick, and 'in the moment' while onstage, and I also need some mastering/mixing to separate the sounds and help avoid technical issues with the various systems I'll be playing on live. One thing though, a song that played onstage, is now mysteriously saying my computer is too slow, so I am so glad that didn't happen at the live! I'm going to optimize my operating system because I really want to play my new song at the next gig: June 17th at Cafe Decuf in Ottawa.
In any case, I really have to hand it to Jonny Receiver Darko for doing so much and for his support and the support of everyone for believing in me and my music. If the vids look ok, I'll post some of it here later.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

m00nbASS landing

Hello World!
I'm just leaving a wee note here to say that I'll be updating as time allows on the various m00nbASS concerts, CD's, reviews etc.
Toc 2 U s00n!